AD Design Awards
Farther and Son
La petite Marselier
Moscow Longevity
Tsvetnoy Central Market
It is one of the most progressive international cultural events in Moscow.
The place where more than 200 artists introduce their works; where you’re not only exposed to the last art-market trends but also can get "personal" with contemporary art by attending multiple workshop-kind events, meeting collectors, and exploring new galleries.

Samsung introduced two conceptual designs to support an idea of art in technology and technology in art.
2nd place in nomination
3rd place in nomination "PEOPLE’S VOTE"

Project "Father and Son"
Like father like son.

In Russia, a son means a lot for a family man. it’s a continuation of the family name, it’s father’s hope and pride.

Good habits and a true character - that’s what any man wants to give to his son. Son continues father’s legacy.

This project is about traditions that we want to preserve. How people can see brand through the emotions. We build a bridge from the strong taste of Tea Princess Candy to the strong character of Siberian father who helps his son to become a man.

Father and Sons project was implemented in Siberia Region.
We met candidates for the project, we met their families, listened to their stories, and together with the client we picked those who have been featured on client’s website.

Photo shooting in the field (Siberia Region)
Photographer selection for this project.

This is an event that aims to bring out the most striking works in the design and architecture of public spaces. It was held between the first and the second waves of COVID-19. This event was the only one in 2020 that had a format close to the usual. It was held in a large venue with many guests. Our main goal was to integrate the Samsung brand into the AD Design Awards event. We designed and created a zone that contained the essence of several Samsung home appliances products of different categories at the same time. The style of the zones was similar to the real interiors of the apartment. Therefore, we managed to show how the presented household products fit into the concept of an ordinary home.

  • Represent Le Petit Marseille as natural brand originally from France
  • Establish brand image in consumer mind

  • Design, develop, and produce brand zone as a part of small France – lavender fields
  • Create relevant to brand atmosphere
  • Distribute product samples
  • Photo mechanics leads to brand SN

Brand KPI Achievement
Government Social project for pensioners.
Gathering people by interests.
In longest winter day 22 of December, we create an event with artificial sun. The art object was designed to give people hope that the winter will end shortly and make their day longer with fun, dance, hot tea, sports activity and upcoming new year presents.
Yandex Lavka
coffee corner
@depo supported the PLUS subscription

Create and execute series of events including production, video production, people managment and ideas creation.

Depo events
Kids activation
Winter activation (foodtrack)
Summer Food Festivals plugged in (Msc & Spb)
and many others....

60 days activity