cafe/ roasting/ brand shop
Brand building
Coffee Berry
This one we do from the idea of coffee point. Now its a hub of Coffee / Design / Roastery / Brandshop and many more

Brand Creation
Brand Communication
Roles and responsibilities inside
Brand shop idea and visualisation
Brand Book creation

We do best or don't do. It’s came from coffee berry brand and idea that we want to share part of our best things with people. All products design — our idea and execution.
Cosmetics brand
It's not just cosmetics; it's a brand we created from scratch, from the very first idea to the actual product in hand. A brand that has gone through many challenging turns with us, a brand that was tested at three different production facilities to achieve the best results. A brand made with love, with soul, and with the understanding that quality requires attention, time, and careful handling. Not only the development of the idea and positioning, the definition of the target audience and ideology, but also working with the product itself. All of this has allowed us to produce a high-quality, interesting product that is popular with consumers.